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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-10-05 20:41:28
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Stein listened. His diary reveals the growing vividness of his impressions:

The cosmopolitan city displeased him, and at first he rented a room in a house of the old Italian city, not Nice, but Nizza, as he always wrote. For neighbours he had quite simple people, workmen, masons, employés, who all spoke Italian. It was in similar conditions that in 1881 he had enjoyed at Genoa a certain happiness. coinbase pro account coinbase ,

,Who owns Kraken?

O garden of summer!

"N.B.—I have begun to sleep again (without narcotics)." coinbase pro account coinbase

So time went by, and the end of August came. The Journal is silent for eight days, then for six, then for a whole month. When he reopens his notebook, it is to bring it to an end. Who owns Kraken?


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