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  My chance to prove that Dad could be managed came that summer, once school was out. Mom had to spend eight weeks up in Charleston, taking college courses to renew her teaching certificate. Or so she said. I wondered if she was looking for a way to get away from us all for a while. Lori, because of her good grades and art portfolio, had been accepted into a government-sponsored summer camp for students with special aptitudes. That left me, at thirteen, the head of the household. usdt wallet - buy tether coin

  "Don't you worry a lick about us," Dad added. "We've always been able to fend for ourselves."Mom explained that they'd been busy learning the ropes. They'd visited the various soup kitchens, sampling the cuisines, and had their favorites. They knew which churches passed out sandwiches and when. They'd found the public libraries with good bathrooms where you could wash thoroughly. "We wash as far down as possible and as far up as possible, but we don't wash possible," was how Mom put it梐nd brush your teeth and shave. They fished newspapers from the trash cans and looked up free events. They went to plays and operas and concerts in the parks, listened to string quartets and piano recitals in office-building lobbies, attended movie screenings, and visited museums. When they first became homeless, it was early summer, and they slept on park benches or in the bushes that lined park paths. Sometimes a cop would wake them up and tell them to move, but they'd just find some other place to sleep. During the day, they'd stash their bedrolls in the underbrush.

  Mom also built rows of shelves in the windows and arranged brightly colored bottles to catch the light. "Now it looks like we have stained glass," she announced. It did, sort of, but the house was still cold and dank. Every night for the first few weeks, lying on my cardboard mattress and listening to the sound of rainwater dripping in the kitchen, I dreamed of the desert and the sun and the big house in Phoenix with the palm tree in the front and the orange trees and oleanders in the back. We had owned that house outright. Still owned it, I kept thinking. It was ours, the one true home we'd ever had. usdt wallet - buy tether coin ,

  "What kind of dive did you do, Dad?" I asked whenever he told the story.

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  "Jeannette, you're so focused it's scary.""You didn't answer my question," I said.

  "Hey!" one of the regulars called out when I walked in. "It's Rex's little girl. How ya doin', sweetheart?""I'm fine, thank you. Is my dad here?""Rex?" He turned to the man next to him. "Where's that old polecat Rex?""I seen him this morning at the Howdy House.""Honey, you look like you could use a rest," the bartender said. "Sit down and have a Coca-Cola on the house.""No, thank you. I've got kites to fly and fish to fry."I went to the Howdy House, which was a notch below Junior's. It was smaller and darker, and the only food it served was pickled eggs. The bartender told me Dad had gone to the Pub, which was a notch below the Howdy House梐lmost pitch black, with a sticky bar top and no food at all. There he was, in the midst of a few other regulars, telling one of his air force stories. usdt wallet - buy tether coin

  I pushed the needle and felt a slight tug when it pierced the skin. I wanted to close my eyes, but I needed to see. I pushed a little harder and felt the resistance of Dad's flesh. It was like sewing meat. It was sewing meat. crypto mining setup for sale

  I already had a lead figured out in my head. I sat down in front of Mom's Remington and typed it out:


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