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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-10-05 18:56:58
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And so also with Wordsworth. Unless the words which describe the intense and sympathetic gaze with which he contemplates Nature convince us of the reality of the light which never was on sea or land,”—of the Presence which disturbs him with the joy of elevated thoughts,”—of the authentic vision of those hours ethereum defi nedir

It would be too much to say that Wordsworth has been wholly successful in the attempt—for such the Prelude virtually is—to write an epic poem on his own education. Such a poem must almost necessarily appear tedious and egoistic, and Wordsworth’s manner has not tact enough to prevent these defects from being felt to the full. On the contrary, in his constant desire frugally to extract, as it were, its full teaching from the minutest event which has befallen him, he supplements the self-complacency of the autobiographer with the conscientious exactness of the moralist, and is apt to insist on trifles such as lodge in the corners of every man’s memory, as if they were unique lessons vouchsafed to himself alone.

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The depth and duration of Wordsworth’s grief in such bereavements as fell to his lot, was such as to make his friends thankful that his life had on the whole been guided through ways of so profound a peace.

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Their temper, strained them more; ethereum defi nedir

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