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  Side by side with the discussion as to the name, and sometimesmaking a part of it, is the question whether Columbus himself was reallythe first discoverer of the mainland. The reader has seen that he first sawthe mainland of South America in the beginning of August, 1498. It wason the fifth, sixth or seventh day, according to Mr. Harrisse's accuratestudy of the letters. Was this the first discovery by a European of themainland? bitcoin address holdings

  Roldan, the chief of the rebels, was encouraged by this news to takehigher ground than even he had ventured on before. He now proposed thathe should send fifteen of his company to Spain, also that those whoremained should not only be pardoned, but should have lands grantedthem; third, that a public proclamation should be made that all chargesagainst him had been false; and fourth, that he should hold the office ofchief judge, which he had held before the rebellion.

  They all are very flat, without mountains and very fertile, and all inhabited. bitcoin address holdings ,

  However, I did not wish to pass by any island without taking possession ofit. "And I anchored, and was there till today, Tuesday, when at the breakof day I went ashore with the armed boats, and landed.

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  It seems a pity now that, after his third voyage, Columbus did notremain in Spain and enjoy, as an old man could, the honors which he hadearned and the respect which now waited upon him. Had this been so, theworld would have been spared the mortification which attends the thoughtthat the old man to whom it owes so much suffered almost everything inone last effort, failed in that effort, and died with the mortification offailure. But it is to be remembered that Columbus was not a man tocultivate the love of leisure. He had no love of leisure to cultivate. His lifehad been an active one. He had attempted the solution of a certain problemwhich he had not solved, and every day of leisure, even every occasion ofeffort and every word of flattery, must have quickened in him new wishesto take the prize which seemed so near, and to achieve the possibilitywhich had thus far eluded him.

  The historians are fond of bringing together all the intimations whichare given in the Greek and Latin classics, and in later authors, with regardto a land beyond Asia. Perhaps the most famous of them is that of Seneca,"In the later years there shall come days in which Ocean shall loose hischains, and a great land shall appear . . . and Thule shall not be the last ofthe worlds."In a letter which Toscanelli wrote to Columbus in 1474, he inclosed acopy of a letter which he had already sent to an officer of Alphonso V, theKing of Portugal. In writing to Columbus, he says, "I see that you have agreat and noble desire to go into that country (of the East) where the spices come from, and in reply to your letter I send you a copy of that which Iaddressed some years ago to my attached friend in the service of the mostserene King of Portugal. He had an order from his Highness to write meon this subject. . . . If I had a globe in my hand, I could show you what isneeded. But I prefer to mark out the route on a chart like a marine chart,which will be an assistance to your intelligence and enterprise. On thischart I have myself drawn the whole extremity of our western shore fromIreland as far down as the coast of Guinea toward the South, with all theislands which are to be found on this route. Opposite this [that is, theshores of Ireland and Africa] I have placed directly at the West thebeginning of the Indies with the islands and places where you will land. bitcoin address holdings

  Columbus died with the idea that he had come close to Asia. Even ageneration after his death, the companions of Cortes gave to the peninsulaof California that name because it was the name given in romance to thefarthest island of the eastern Indies. bitcoin sv price prediction today

  Chanca, "where there are numberless great rivers and great mountain ridges and great level valleys. I think the grass never dries in the wholeyear. I do not think that there is any winter in this (island) nor in the others,for at Christmas are found many birds' nests, some with birds, and somewith eggs." The only four-footed animals found in these islands were whatDr. Chanca calls dogs of various colors, and one animal like a youngrabbit, which climbed trees. Many persons ate these last and said theywere very good. There were many small snakes, and few lizards, becausethe Indians were so fond of eating them. "They made as much of a feast ofthem as we would do of pheasants.""There are in this island and the others numberless birds, of those ofour country, and many others which never were seen there. Of ourdomestic birds, none have ever been seen here, except that in Zuruquiathere were some ducks in the houses, most of them white as snow, andothers black."They coasted along this island for several days, to the place where theAdmiral had left his settlement. While passing the region of Xamana, theyset ashore one of the Indians whom they had carried off on the first voyage.


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