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Under Amelio, the showdown had become explosive. Microsoft refused to commit to developing Word and Excel for future Macintosh operating systems, which could have destroyed Apple. In defense of Bill Gates, he was not simply being vindictive. It was understandable that he was reluctant to commit to developing for a future Macintosh operating system when no one, including the ever-changing leadership at Apple, seemed to know what that new operating system would be. Right after Apple bought NeXT, Amelio and Jobs flew together to visit Microsoft, but Gates had trouble figuring out which of them was in charge. A few days later he called Jobs privately. Hey, what the fuck, am I supposed to put my applications on the NeXT OS?鈥 Gates asked. Jobs responded by making smart-ass remarks about Gil,鈥 Gates recalled, and suggesting that the situation would soon be clarified. bnb and bnb ,

Jony Ive had a different memory of how multi-touch was developed. He said his design team had already been working on a multi-touch input that was developed for the trackpads of Apple鈥檚 MacBook Pro, and they were experimenting with ways to transfer that capability to a computer screen. They used a projector to show on a wall what it would look like. This is going to change everything,鈥 Ive told his team. But he was careful not to show it to Jobs right away, especially since his people were working on it in their spare time and he didn鈥檛 want to quash their enthusiasm. Because Steve is so quick to give an opinion, I don鈥檛 show him stuff in front of other people,鈥 Ive recalled. He might say, 鈥楾his is shit,鈥 and snuff the idea. I feel that ideas are very fragile, so you have to be tender when they are in development. I realized that if he pissed on this, it would be so sad, because I knew it was so important.鈥

,binance ceo mcgill

Jobs couldn鈥檛 decide whether to use the version with his voice or to stick with Dreyfuss. Finally, the night came when they had to ship the ad; it was due to air, appropriately enough, on the television premiere of Toy Story. As was often the case, Jobs did not like to be forced to make a decision. He told Clow to ship both versions; this would give him until the morning to decide. When morning came, Jobs called and told them to use the Dreyfuss version. If we use my voice, when people find out they will say it鈥檚 about me,鈥 he told Clow. It鈥檚 not. It鈥檚 about Apple.鈥 bnb and bnb

binance ceo mcgill

September 17, 1985


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