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Source: global Wall Street Journal     time: 2022-06-29 04:38:22
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'A manuscript!' said Sir Nicholas, putting on his gold pince-nez. 'How interesting, how excessively interesting! Permit me to look at it.' And once more, after an interval of some three hundred years, Nicholas Greene took Orlando's poem and, laying it down among the coffee cups and the liqueur glasses, began to read it. But now his verdict was very different from what it had been then. It reminded him, he said as he turned over the pages, of Addison's Cato 鈥. It compared favourably with Thomson's Seasons鈥. There was no trace in it, he was thankful to say, of the modern spirit. It was composed with a regard to truth, to nature, to the dictates of the human heart, which was rare indeed, in these days of unscrupulous eccentricity. It must, of course, be published instantly. ethereum mining on nicehash ,

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At this moment, the biographer has encountered a difficult problem, and it is better to admit it honestly than to hide it. Previously, in telling Orlando's life, whether relying on private documents or historical documents, the biographer may have fulfilled his primary duty, following the footsteps of the truth that cannot be erased, going straight, not looking around, not greedy for flowers and plants, Ignore the coolness of the roadside, just walk down steadily until you suddenly fall into the grave, and then engrave the words "the end of the play" on the tombstone above your head. But now, we have encountered an episode that lies on the road and cannot be avoided. However, , this is a dark, mysterious episode, undocumented and therefore inexplicable. To explain it, several volumes could be written; the whole religious system is built on its meaning. Our task is simple, It is to state the known facts, and then let the reader make their own inferences. ethereum mining on nicehash

binance data btc


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