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  "You have sweated blood to help him build a country so rich that he can today afford to give awaymillions-even to his _enemies_! And when those enemies have gotten enough from him to then beable to attack him, you have been his brave soldiers, dying for him. And you have been always hismost faithful servant during the so-called 'peaceful' times"And, _still_, this Christian American white man has not got it in him to find the human _decency_,and enough sense of _justice_, to recognize us, and accept us, the black people who have done somuch for him, as fellow human beings!""YAH, Man!" . . ."_Um-huh_!" "_Teach_, Messenger!" . . ."_Yah_!" . . ."_Tell 'em_!" . . ."You_right_!" . . ."Take your _time_ up there, little Messenger!" . . ."Oh, _yes_!"Others besides the Muslims would be shouting now. We Muslims were less extroverted than ChristianNegroes. It would sound now like an old-fashioned camp meeting. usdt risk ptt

  History has been so "whitened" by the white man that even the black professors have known littlemore than the most ignorant black man about the talents and rich civilizations and cultures of theblack man of millenniums ago. I have lectured in Negro colleges and some of these brainwashed blackPh.D.'s, with their suspenders dragging the ground with degrees, have run to the white man'snewspapers calling me a "black fanatic." Why, a lot of them are fifty years behind the times. If I werepresident of one of these black colleges, I'd hock the campus if I had to, to send a bunch of blackstudents off digging in Africa for more, more and more proof of the black race's historical greatness.

The pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj, is a religious obligation that every orthodox Muslim fulfills,if humanly able, at least once in his or her lifetime. usdt risk ptt ,

  I would turn right back to the microphone, not to keep waiting those world's biggest black audienceswho had come to hear him.

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  "It was so bad, ladies and gentleman, that even at Malcolm's death there were people who were afraidto come to the funeral. . . . There was not a major black church in the entire city of New York that waswilling to let us bury him from their edifices. It was a small church up on Amsterdam Avenue [theFaith Temple Church of God] that permitted us to come."Looking into Mr. Sutton's face and seeing him diplomatically balance all that he knew of my parents'

   Not long ago, the black man in America was fed a dose of another form of the weakening, lulling anddeluding effects of so-called "integration." It was that "Farce on Washington," I call it. usdt risk ptt

  I showed my hole card ace; John had three queens. As I hauled in the pot, something over fivehundred dollars-my first real stake in Boston-John got up from the table. He'd quit. He told his houseman, "Anytime Red comes in here and wants anything, let him have it." He said, "I've never seen ayoung man play his hole card like he played."John said "young man," being himself about fifty, I guess, although you can never be certain about aNegro's age. He thought, as most people would have, that I was about thirty. No one in Roxburyexcept my sisters Ella and Mary suspected my real age. cloud mining

  My article entitled "Mr. Muhammad Speaks" appeared in early 1960, and it was the first featuredmagazine notice of the phenomenon. A letter quickly came from Mr. Muhammad appreciating thatthe article kept my promise to be objective, and Malcolm X telephoned similar compliments. Aboutthis time, Dr. C. Eric Lincoln's book _The Black Muslims in America_ was published and the BlackMuslims became a subject of growing interest. During 1961 and 1962, the _Saturday Evening Post_teamed me with a white writer, Al Balk, to do an article; next I did a personal interview of Malcolm Xfor _Playboy_ magazine, which had promised to print verbatim whatever response he made to myquestions. During that interview of several days' duration, Malcolm X repeatedly exclaimed, afterparticularly blistering anti-Christian or anti-white statements: "You know that devil's not going toprint that!" He was very much taken aback when _Playboy_ kept its word.


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