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  This king and queen were King Ferdinand of Aragon, and QueenIsabella of Castile. The marriage of these two had united Spain. Theiraffection for each other made the union real, and the energy, courage andwisdom of both made their reign successful and glorious. Of all its gloriesthe greatest, as it has proved, was connected with the life and discoveriesof the sailor who was now to approach them. He had been disloyallytreated by Portugal, he had been dismissed by Genoa. He had notsucceeded with the great dukes. Now he was to press his adventure upon aking and queen who were engaged in a difficult war with the Moors, whostill held a considerable part of the peninsula of Spain. bitcoin buy vps

  In the second case, Columbus is the governor-general, for aught he knows,of half the world, of all the countries he is to discover; and he knowsenough, and all men around him know enough, to see that his domain maybe a principality indeed.

  "And the almadia, which they had left, we took to the caravel Nina, towhich from another headland there was coming another little almadia,with a man who came to barter a skein of cotton. And some of the sailorsthrew themselves into the sea, because he did not wish to enter the caravel,and took him. And I, who was on the stern of the ship, and saw it all, sentfor him and gave him a red cap and some little green glass beads which Iput on his arm, and two small bells which I put at his ears, and I had hisalmadia returned, * * * and sent him ashore. bitcoin buy vps ,

  The Lady Juana read this letter to Isabella. Her own indignation, whichprobably had been kindled by the general news that Columbus had beenchained, rose to the highest. She received him, therefore, when he arrivedat court, with all the more cordiality. Ferdinand was either obliged topretend to join with her in her indignation, or he had really felt distressedby the behavior of his subordinate.

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  It is said that the annual revenues from Hispaniola already amounted to twelve millions of our dollars. It was not unnatural that the king andqueen, willing to throw off the disgrace which they had incurred fromBobadilla's cruelty, should not only send Ovando to replace him, butshould, though in an humble fashion, give to Columbus an opportunity toshow that his plans were not chimerical.

  "And we went where the town used to be, which we saw all burnt, andthe clothes of the christians were found on the grass there. At that time wesaw no dead body. There were among us many different opinions, somesuspecting that Guacanagari himself was (concerned) in the betrayal ordeath of the christians, and to others it did not appear so, as his town wasburnt, so that the thing was very doubtful."The Admiral directed the whole place to be searched for gold, as hehad left orders that if any quantity of it were found, it should be buried. bitcoin buy vps

  He was soon tempted from his western course that he might examineJamaica, of which he saw the distant lines on the south. "This island," saysthe account of the time, "is larger than Sicily. It has only one mountain,which rises from the coast on every side, little by little, until you come to the middle of the island and the ascent is so gradual that, whether you riseor descend, you hardly know whether you are rising or descending."Columbus found the island well peopled, and from what he saw of thenatives, thought them more ingenious, and better artificers, than anyIndians he had seen before. But when he proposed to land, they generallyshowed themselves prepared to resist him. He therefore deferred a fullexamination of the island to his return, and, with the first favorable wind,pressed on toward the southern coast of Cuba. He insisted on calling thisthe "Golden Chersonesus" of the East. This name had been given by theold geographers to the peninsula now known as Malacca. price of axs axie infinity

  "Full of this thought, he sought, even in the storm, some means ofapprising their highnesses of the victory which the Lord had granted him,in permitting him to discover in the Indies all which he had sought in hisvoyage, and to let them know that these coasts were free from storms,which is proved, he said, by the growth of herbage and trees even to theedge of the sea. With this purpose, that, if he perished in this tempest, theking and queen might have some news of his voyage, he took a parchmentand wrote on it all that he could of his discoveries, and urgently beggedthat whoever found it would carry it to the king and queen. He rolled upthis parchment in a piece of waxed linen, closed this parcel tightly, andtied it up securely; he had brought to him a large wooden barrel, within which he placed it, without anybody's knowing what it was. Everybodythought the proceeding was some act of devotion. He then caused it to bethrown into the sea."[*]


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