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About the twelfth year of my age, my father being abroad, my mother reprovedme for some misconduct, to which I made an undutiful reply. The next First-day, as I was with my father returning from meeting, he told me that he understood I had behaved amiss to my mother, and advised me to be more careful in future. Iknew myself blamable, and in shame and confusion remained silent. Being thusawakened to a sense of my wickedness, I felt remorse in my mind, and on gettinghome, I retired and prayed to the Lord to forgive me, and I do not remember that I ever spoke unhandsomely to either of my parents afterwards, however foolish in some other things. helium antenna cable length

In the winter of this year, the smallpox being in our town, and many beinginoculated, of whom a few died, some things were opened in my mind, which Iwrote as follows: -The more fully our lives are conformable to the will of God , the better it is for us; I have looked on the smallpox as a messenger from the Almighty, to bean assistant in the cause of virtue, and to incite us to consider whether weemploy our time only in such things as are consistent with perfect wisdom and goodness . Building houses suitable to dwell in, for ourselves and our creations; preparing clothing suitable for the climate and season, and foodconvenient, are all duties incumbent on us. And under these general heads aremany branches of business in which we may venture health and life, as necessity may require.

Generally speaking, on this trip we sometimes appeared very weak and worked in a depressed state, but sometimes we were also greatly excited in the operation of the power of truth due to the manifestation of God's love. Renewed experience teaches us how to strive for inner stillness; without seeking words, but living by the Spirit of the Word, and expressing to others what the Word teaches us. My dear traveling companion and I belong to the same church, and we participated in the pastoral work at a similar time, and we have an inner bond with each other in our work. He was thirteen years older than I was, and he had a heavier burden on his shoulders, and was a very useful vessel. helium antenna cable length ,

These troubles are removed, and for a time we are released from them.

,ethereum meta listed on which exchange

If all we did was work, interviews, and meetings, etc., which were commensurate with pure wisdom; and if there was no vaccinating, then things would generally be much better than what happened.

This stock is the contribution of the members of our religious society ingeneral, among whom are some who keep negroes, and, being inclined to continuethem in slavery, are not likely to be satisfied with such books being spreadamong a people, especially at their own expense , many of whose slaves aretaught to read, and such, receiving them as a gift, often conceal them. But asthey who make a purchase generally buy that which they have a mind for, Ibelieved it best to sell them, expecting by that means they would more generally be read with attention. Advertisements were signed by order of theoverseers of the press, and directed to be read in the Monthly Meetings of business within our own Yearly Meeting, informing where the books were, and that the price was no more than the cost of printing and binding them. Manywere taken off in our parts; some I sent to Virginia, some to New York, some tomy acquaintance at Newport, and some I kept, intending to give part of themaway, where there appeare d a prospect of service. helium antenna cable length

A TESTIMONY of the Monthly Meeting of Friends, held in Burlington, the Firstday of the Eighth Month, in the year of our Lord 1774, concerning our esteemed friend, John Woolman, deceased. ethereum meta listed on which exchange

Thus lying in the wilderness, and looking at the stars, I was led tocontemplate on the condition of our first parents when they were sent forth from the garden; how the Almighty, though they had been disobedient, continued to be a Father to them, and showed them what tended to their felicity asintelligent creatures, and was acceptable to Him. To provide things relative to our outward living, in the way of true wisdom, is good, and the gift of improving in things useful is a good gift, and comes from the Father of Lights.


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