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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-06-29 05:58:18
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Here's the point: the bigger Wal-Mart gets, the more essential it is that we think small. Because that'sexactly how we have become a huge corporationby not acting like one. Above all, we are small-townmerchants, and I can't tell you how important it is for us to rememberwhen we puff up our chests andbrag about all those huge sales and profitsthat they were all made one day at a time, one store at a time,mostly by the hard work, good attitude, and teamwork of all those hourly associates and their storemanagers, as well as by all those folks in the distribution centers. If we ever get carried away with howimportant we are because we're a great big billion chaininstead of one store in Blytheville,Arkansas, or McComb, Mississippi, or Oak Ridge, Tennesseethen you probably can close the book onus. If we ever forget that looking a customer in the eye, and greeting him or her, and asking politely if wecan be of help is just as important in every Wal-Mart today as it was in that little Ben Franklin inNewport, then we just ought to go into a different business because we'll never survive in this one. kusama crowdloan winners

So Helen and I did the best we could to promote a sense of togetherness in the family, and we madesure our children had a chance to participate in the same sorts of things we did as kids. They were inScouts, and for a time I was a scoutmaster. All the boys played football and did well. In fact, they eachmade the all-state team, and when Jim was about to graduate I remember the coach being quoted aroundtown to the effect that he couldn't face the prospect of a team without a Walton, so he was trying to talkAlice into going out for football. She probably wouldn't have been half bad either. I always tried to behome on Friday nights so I would miss very few of their games. They threw paper routes; you know howstrongly I felt about that experience as training. Alice was involved with horse shows at a very early age.

kusama crowdloan winners ,

  "When we leftNewport, it was a thriving cotton town, and I hated to leave. We had built a life there, andit was so disturbing to have to walk away from it. I have said that time and time again. I still have goodfriends there from those days."HELEN WALTONI came out of thatNewportexperience with my pride a little damaged, but I had made money on the saleof the Ben Franklinmore than ,000. The whole thing was probably a blessing. I had a chance for abrand-new start, and this time I knew what I was doing. Now, at the age of thirty-two, I was afull-fledged merchant; all I needed was a store. Helen and the kids and I started driving around in thespring of 1950 hunting in earnest for one, and northwestArkansasappealed to us for several reasons.

,kraken in Chinese

"Once I was setting up to photograph Sam out on the tarmac of some little airport inMissouri. He wasover filing a flight plan, and I threw a nickel down on the pavementtrying to be cuteand said to myassistant: 'Lets see if he picks it up.' Planes are landing and taking off, and Sam comes walking over in abig hurry, a little put out that he has to pose for another picture. 'Okay,' he says, 'where do you want meto standon that nickel'"By the time I got out in the world ready to make something of myself, I already had a strongly ingrainedrespect for the value of a dollar. But my knowledge about money and finances probably wasn't all thatsophisticated in spite of the business degree I had. Then I got to know Helen's family, and listening to herfather, L. S. Robson, was an education in itself. He influenced me a great deal. He was a great salesman,one of the most persuasive individuals I have ever met. And I am sure his success as a trader and abusinessman, his knowledge of finance and the law, and his philosophy had a big effect on me. Mycompetitive nature was such that I saw his success and admired it. I didn't envy it. I admired it. I said tomyself: maybe I will be as successful as he is someday. kusama crowdloan winners

"If you've ever spent any time around Wal-Mart, you may have noticed that it's not unusual forsomebody in Philadelphia, Mississippi, to get in his pickup on the spur of the moment and drive toBentonville, where you can find him sitting in the lobby waiting patiently to see the chairman. Now, really,how many chairmen of billion companies do you know who are totally, 100 percent accessible totheir hourly associates I know lots of people in big companies who have never even seen their chairman,much less visited with him."That's not to suggest that they always like what I have to say. I don't always solve their problems, and Ican't always side with them just because they bring their situation to my attention. But if the associatehappens to be right, it's important to overrule their manager, or whoever they're having the problem withbecause otherwise the open-door policy isn't any good to anybody. The associates would know prettysoon that it was just something we paid lip service to, but didn't really believe. If I'm going to fly aroundall over the country telling these folks they're my partners, Isure owe it to them to at least hear them outwhen they're upset about something. kraken in Chinese

"Say," the manager told Blake, "we've got an ex-Penney man right here inNewport. He came in a fewyears ago and really made a big success of it. He doubled sales in his Ben Franklin, he's got two stores,and he's the president of the Chamber of Commerce." And when the manager told him it was SamWalton, old Blake almost fell over. "It can't be the same one I knew inDes Moines," he said. "That fellowcouldn't have amounted to anything." He came next door and we both had a big laugh about it when hesaw that I really was that kid who couldn't write so you could read it.


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