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In Jericho, Long Island, I wrote a letter to my wife: ethereum wallet contract

During this trip, observing our treatment of slaves, I believe that some parts of the New Colonial America have embarked on the same path of decline as above, and it deeply hurts my heart. While it is not easy to describe simply how these Negros were treated among us, I was determined to put them together after consulting the records I had made during my travels. In these southern states, many white people don't care about the marriage of black slaves; when the black slaves are united according to their own methods, the white people often don't care, and sell their husbands and wives to different places for their own interests. Go, especially when the owner is auctioning off the property. Many Negro slaves working in the fields were followed closely by whippers who had been hired to whip them. As for what the slaves ate, it was even more pitiful, usually a little corn per week, some salt, and some potatoes—that they had grown by their own labor on Sundays. If they disobeyed their master's orders or neglected their work, their punishment was severe, sometimes even fatal.

It has been very helpful for me to have conversations with those who are part of our group; I am sure some of them have understood the nature of worship in spirit and in truth. From here we continued our journey with a friend from Long Island, Powell, who accompanies us throughout Connecticut, an area populated mostly by Presbyterians, and from what I have observed, they are generally elegant. After a three-day journey we arrived in Rhode Island to meet up with friends. We visited our friends in Newport and the Dudmouth area, then to Boston, and then eastward to Dowy. Not far from Dovi we met our friend Gassolo from England who was visiting the area. We sailed from Newport to Natogt, where we were about a week, and then came to Dademouth. After our visit in this area, we crossed the sea from New London to Long Island. Before returning home, we had several gatherings on the island. When we returned home, it happened to be September 13, 1747. About 1,500 miles, the sea journey is about 150 miles. ethereum wallet contract ,

On going to a neighbour's house, I saw on the way a robin sitting on her nest, and as I came near she went off ; but having young ones, she flew about, and with many cries expressed her concern for them. I stood and threw stones ather, and one striking her, she fell down dead. At first I was pleased with the exploit, but after a few minutes was seized with horror, at having, in asportive way, killed an innocent creature while she was careful for her young.

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At length the captain acquainted them all that they might return home for the present, but he required them to provide themselves as soldiers, and be inreadiness to march when called upon. This was such a time as I had not seen before; and yet I may say , with thankfulness to the Lord, that I believed the trial was intended for our good; and I was favoured with resignation to Him.

Feeling clear as to any further visits, I spent my time in my chamber, chieflyalone; and after some hours, my heart being filled with the spirit of supplication, my prayers and tears were poured out before my Heavenly Father for His help and instruction in the manifold difficulties which attended me inlife. While I was waiting upon the Lord, there came a messenger from the womenFriends who lodged at another house, desiring to confer with us aboutappointing a meeting, which to me appeared weighty, as we had been at so manybefore; but after a short conference, and advising with some elderly Friends, ameeting was appointed, in which the Friend who first moved it, and who had been much shut up before, was largely opened in the love of the gospel. The nextmorning about break of day going again on board the vessel, we reached Falmouth on the Main before night, where our horses being brought, we proceeded towards Sandwich Quarterly Meeting. ethereum wallet contract

As the present appearance of things is not joyous, I have been much shut up from outward cheerfulness, remembering that promise, "Then shalt thou delightthyself in the Lord"; as this from day to day has been revived in my memory, Ihave considered that His internal presence in our minds is a delight of allothers the most pure, and that the honest-hearted not only delight in this, but in the effect of it upon them. He regards the helpless and distressed, and reveals His love to His children under affliction, who delight in beholding Hisbenevolence, and in feeling divine charity moving in them. Of this I may speak a little, for, though since I left you I have often an engaging love and affection towards thee and my daughter and friends about home, and going out at this time, when sickness is so great amongst you, is a trial upon me; yet Ioften remember there are many widows and fatherless, many who have poor tutors, many who have evil examples before them, and many whose minds are in captivity;f or whose sake my heart is at times moved with compassion, so that I feel mymind resigned to leave you for a season, to exercise that gift which the Lordhath bestowed on me, which though small compared with some, yet in this Irejoice that I feel love unfeigned towards my fellow-creatures. I recommend youto the Almighty, who, I trust, cares for you, and under a sense of His heavenlylove remain, Thy loving husband, JW btc aud live chart

We passed on to Manoquacy, Fairfax, Hopewell, and Shanando, and had meetings, some of which were comfortable and edifying. From Shanando, we set off in theafternoon for the settlements of Friends in Virginia; the first night, we, withour guide, lodged in the woods, our horses feeding near us; but he being poorly provided with a horse, and we young, and having good horses, were free the nextday to part with him. In two days after we reached our friend John Cheagle's, in Virginia . We took the meetings in our way through Virginia; were in somedegree baptized into a feeling sense of the conditions of the people, and our exercise in general was more painful in these old settlements than it had beenamongst the back inhabitants; yet through the goodness of our Heavenly Fatherthe well of living waters was at times opened to our encouragement, and therefreshment of the sincere-hearted. We went on to Perquimans, in NorthCarolina; had several large meetings, and found some openness in those parts, and a hopeful appearance amongst the young people. Afterwards we turned again to Virginia, and attended most of the meetings which we had not been at before,labouring amongst Friends in the love of Jesus Christ, as ability was given;thence went to the mountains, up James River to a new settlement, and hadseveral meetings amongst the people, some of whom had lately joined inmembership with our Society. In our journeying to and fro we found some honest-hearted Friends, who appeared to be concerned for the cause of truth among aback sliding people.


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