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In this swift race it pleased God to visit me with sickness, so that Idoubted of recovery; then did darkness, horror, and amazement with full forceseize me, even when my pain and distress of body were very great. I thought itwould have been better for me never to have had being, than to see the day which I now saw. I was filled with confusion, and in great affliction, both of mind and body, I lay and bewailed myself. I had not confidence to lift up mycries to God, whom I had thus offended; but in a deep sense of my great folly Iwas humbled before Him. At length that word which is as a fire and a hammerbroke and dissolved my rebellious heart; my cries were put up in contrition;and in the multitude of His mercies I found inward relief, and a closeengagement that if He was pleased to restore my health I might walk humbly before Him. exchange rate for usd to philippine peso

Thus, when the kind invitations and gentle chastisements of a gracious God have not been attended to, his sore judgments have at times been poured out upon people.

Among our company were some I whom did not remember to have seen at meeting, and some of these at first were very reserved; but we being several daystogether, and behaving in a friendly manner towards them, and making themsuitable return for the services they did us, they became more free andsociable. exchange rate for usd to philippine peso ,

Men and women have many times scarcely clothes sufficient to hide their nakedness, and boys and girls ten and twelve years old are often quite naked amongst their master's children. Some of our Society, and some of the society called Newlights, use some endeavours to instruct those they have in reading; but in common this is not only neglected, but disapproved. These are the people by whose labour the other inhabitants are in a great measure supported, and many of them in the luxuries of life. These are the people who have made noagreement to serve us, and who have not forfeited their liberty that we knowof. These are the souls for whom Christ died, and for our conduct towards themwe must answer before Him who is no respecter of persons. They who know the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, and are thus acquainted with the merciful, benevolent, gospel spirit, will therein perceive that the indignation of God is kindled against oppression and cruelty, and in beholding the great di stress of so numerous a people will find cause for mourning.

,usd to rmb exchange rate average

As I live under the cross and obey only the revelation of the truth, my soul is brighter day by day. My old friends had all kinds of guesses about me, because I lived alone, and all the changes were hidden in my heart.

You who travel sometimes to work for the Lord are often warmly welcomed by friends, and in many places see their satisfaction in being able to receive you. Then, you should get to know them deeply in your dealings with them. If we believe that the point of some issues is better explained by private conversation, then we must be careful not to let their diligence and kindness hinder the work of the Lord. I know from experience how difficult it is to speak to those who receive you about their worldly interests in that air of politeness. Sometimes when I feel that the truth is so guiding, I find myself under the influence of face friendship and not worthy of speaking. When this feeling annoyed me, I appealed to the Lord, knowing that I was humble and weak, just like a fool, so that the door of opportunity opened for me. Attempts to do the Lord's work in our will, and to speak in ordinary ways what the Word says, will fail to get to the heart of the confusion. Seeing our friends stumble, not worthy of their actions in mind, without pointing out what we should point out, and still wearing the mask of friendship, is jeopardizing the very foundation of true fellowship. The position of being a worker for Christ is extremely difficult; being a watchman, one must be careful not to succumb to exhortation by friendship with those who are prosperous in the congregation. exchange rate for usd to philippine peso

Appropriate use, guided by pure wisdom, is beneficial to both body and mind, whereby the necessities of our lives are easily obtained. Our merciful Father has made suitable arrangements for both of these, so that we may live without want. If we are slaves to work in our place, we will incur many problems. Reasonable people of course do not like to be bound, and they often feel hatred and injustice, which inevitably has a bad effect on the master's family, making them and their children more troubled than others because of the wrong way of making a living. usd to rmb exchange rate average

We passed on to Manoquacy, Fairfax, Hopewell, and Shanando, and had meetings, some of which were comfortable and edifying. From Shanando, we set off in theafternoon for the settlements of Friends in Virginia; the first night, we, withour guide, lodged in the woods, our horses feeding near us; but he being poorly provided with a horse, and we young, and having good horses, were free the nextday to part with him. In two days after we reached our friend John Cheagle's, in Virginia . We took the meetings in our way through Virginia; were in somedegree baptized into a feeling sense of the conditions of the people, and our exercise in general was more painful in these old settlements than it had beenamongst the back inhabitants; yet through the goodness of our Heavenly Fatherthe well of living waters was at times opened to our encouragement, and therefreshment of the sincere-hearted. We went on to Perquimans, in NorthCarolina; had several large meetings, and found some openness in those parts, and a hopeful appearance amongst the young people. Afterwards we turned again to Virginia, and attended most of the meetings which we had not been at before,labouring amongst Friends in the love of Jesus Christ, as ability was given;thence went to the mountains, up James River to a new settlement, and hadseveral meetings amongst the people, some of whom had lately joined inmembership with our Society. In our journeying to and fro we found some honest-hearted Friends, who appeared to be concerned for the cause of truth among aback sliding people.


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