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  The natives, under a leader named Quibian, rallied in large numbers,probably intending to drive the colonists away. It was only by the boldestmeasures that their plans were met. When Columbus supposed that he hadsuppressed their enterprise, he took leave of his brother, as he hadintended, leaving him but one of the four vessels. bitcoin cash vs bitcoin price

  Moreover, his plan had been to ballast it in the Women's Island, whither hehad from the first determined to go. The remedy which the Admiralemployed was to fill with sea water, as soon as possible, all the emptybarrels which had previously held either wine or fresh water. In this waythe difficulty was remedied.

  Columbus's father-in-law had himself been the Portuguese governor ofthe island of Porto Santo, where he had founded a colony. He, therefore,was interested in western explorations, and probably from him Columbuscollected some of the statements which are known to have influenced him,with regard to floating matters from the West, which are constantly borneupon that island by the great currents of the sea. bitcoin cash vs bitcoin price ,

  The part of the island where they arrived was called Hayti, anotherpart Xamana, and the third Bohio. "It is a very singular country," says Dr.

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  But the best authorities agree that the children and the grown people of theworld have never been mistaken when they have said: "America wasdiscovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, a native of Genoa." Hisname, and that of his family, is always written Colombo, in the Italianpapers which refer to them, for more than one hundred years before histime. In Spain it was always written Colon; in France it is written asColomb; while in England it has always kept its Latin form, Columbus. Ithas frequently been said that he himself assumed this form, becauseColumba is the Latin word for "Dove," with a fanciful feeling that, incarrying Christian light to the West, he had taken the mission of the dove.

  He resisted the temptation, therefore, to make further explorations on thecoast of Paria, and passed westward and northwestward. He made manydiscoveries of islands in the Caribbean Sea as he went northwest, and hearrived at the colony of San Domingo, on the thirtieth of August. He hadhoped for rest after his difficult voyage; but he found the island inconfusion which seemed hopeless. bitcoin cash vs bitcoin price

  The facts, which were controlling, were these, that the vessels wereleaky and the crews sick and discontented. On the thirteenth of June,Columbus stood to the southeast. He discovered the island now known asthe Island of Pines. He called it Evangelista. He anchored here and took inwater. In an interview, not unlike that described, in which the old Cubanexpressed his desire to return with Columbus, it is said that anEvangelistan chief made the same offer, but was withheld by theremonstrances, of his wife and children. A similar incident is reported inthe visit to Jamaica, which soon followed. Columbus made a carefulexamination of that island. Then he crossed to Hispaniola, where, from theIndians, he received such accounts from the new town of Isabella asassured him that all was well there. dogecoin and elon musk

  They used arrows in warfare, but had no iron. Some of them used arrowheads of tortoise shell, others sharply toothed fish-bones, which could do agood deal of damage among unarmed men. "But for people of our nation,they are not arms to be feared much."These Caribs carried off both men and women on their robbingexpeditions. They slaughtered and ate the men, and kept the women asslaves; they were, in short, incredibly cruel. Three of the captive boys ranaway and joined the Spaniards.


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